Mom No Longer Lives on a Glacier

Oil painting-portrait using digital technique. NFT Art.

The painting depicts a touching and charming representation of a peculiar and narrative-rich pastry shop. Artist Itzi Vang has created a scene that combines endearing elements with a touch of fantasy.

In the painting, we see the interior of a pastry shop, a cozy and lively place. The room is adorned with some vintage-style objects, such as a pair of blue porcelain cats and worn furniture, giving it a nostalgic and charming atmosphere. Warm and neutral tones dominate the color palette, creating a sense of warmth and familiarity.

The scene unfolds around a table displaying a variety of exquisitely decorated cakes and pastries. The sweet delights are arranged temptingly, and the details in the sugar and cream decorations are vivid and realistic, showcasing the artist’s skill in capturing texture and intricate details.

The peculiar family depicted consists of two girls, a father, and a polar bear. The bear, with an eye patch, is the focal point of the painting. Its gaze conveys an air of bravery and determination, despite the challenges it has faced leaving its natural habitat. Through the characters’ expressions and gestures, the love and connection that this family has developed are felt.

The oil brushstroke is evident in every detail of the painting, providing a sense of texture and depth to the elements. The loose and visible brushstrokes add an artistic and human touch to the scene, bringing the painting to life before the viewer’s eyes.

It is a work that evokes feelings of warmth, love, and the ability to find a new home and happiness amidst unexpected circumstances.